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Hello, I am a high elo league of legends player that owns a services website. We primarily do elo boosting and coaching services. About this website, I will focus my attention on instructing you on, the players how exactly to become a far better league of legends player.

best elo coaching and boostingFirst, a short overview of how it now works.  Basically rather than having an elo number that you can compare to your other player, the system now works a lot more like the ranked systems present in other games such as warcraft 3, starcraft, and call of duty.  you will be placed in a division within a tier within a league.

Since We have experience as a person that makes the best elo raise in all divisions, We have experienced every rating bracket first hand. I realize that in each bracket, yet another skill set is needed. In Bronze rating, your mechanical skills would be what make or break the video game.

Since you cannot rely on your teammates to be superb players, it is important to guide your lane partner and be able to out maneuver the enemy lane. You can also buy lol accounts By snowballing your own lane, you will definitely draw pressure through the enemy jungle – which will allow your other lanes to have an easier time farming and creating pressure of your own. In Bronze, when you can maintain a lead and force the enemy jungler to assist their team, you can also outplay the three enemies and kill all of them.

league boosting mmrWhen you win or lose games you gain or lose “league points.”  when you reach 100 league points you are permitted to begin a “promotion series.”  This series is 2 of 3 or 3 of 5 depending on if you are going up a tier or a league.

In Diamond rating, you can easily safely assume that your online gamer lane partner will have a great concept of what he is supposed to be doing. Once again you’re going to be looking to outplay and pressure your opponents. Now, your lane partner should be able to react with your intentions and be able to kill your opponents. Also learn from the best guides in WoW Another skill that is required in this rating is being able to press your advantages and close out a game.

Even if you put five of the strongest players in the field together, that will not mean they will function as the best team. By building the relationship and maintaining an amount of comfort along with your random teammates going in to the game can lead to a much higher possibility of success.

When your team is in harmony the little mistakes that every player is likely to make will not be scrutinized and you can focus on the game. Attitude is a giant part to be a successful League of Legends player in Elitist Gaming.

I realized that my behavior in season one was truly toxic to my team. After some coaching at Elitist Gaming. Once I fixed my attitude and became a more team oriented player, my rating shot up. Do not waste time grinding and buy lol accounts for sale in league so you don’t have to grind all the way through. I started to recognize that if I did not blame teammates for the smallest mistakes that they made, they would be more inclined to hear my commands.

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By acting as a unit and trusting each other, we would often see victory.  In my next post I will go over the some mechanical aspects of League of Legends.

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